Economic Update 08/29/16

By Robert Pagliarini on August 29, 2016

YELLEN HINTS AT A RATE HIKE Speaking Friday at the Federal Reserve’s annual retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Fed chair Janet Yellen commented that “the case for an increase in the federal funds rate has strengthened in recent months.” That statement was interpreted by some economists as a sign that the central bank could adjust…

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Taking Advantage of Tax-Free Withdrawals in Retirement

By Robert Pagliarini on August 24, 2016

Will you receive tax-free money in retirement? Some retirees do. You should know about some of your options for tax-free retirement distributions, some of which are less publicized than others. Qualified distributions from Roth accounts are tax-free. If you own a Roth IRA or have a Roth retirement account at work, you can take a…

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What Type Of Life Insurance Is Right For You?

By Robert Pagliarini on August 20, 2016

Man is Mortal. That makes life insurance a little unique and interesting, doesn’t it? We purchase things like health insurance, car insurance and home insurance, then hope we never have a need to use them. Life insurance is different because it’s a widely accepted fact that, sooner or later, each one of us will die.…

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Do You Really Need Life Insurance?

By Robert Pagliarini on

As noted, 43% of Americans have no life insurance. Some view it as optional; some have simply procrastinated when it comes to buying a policy. Others believe that they can’t afford it. In reality, life insurance is cheap today. If you just want term life coverage – essentially, life insurance that you “rent” for…

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How Can You Benefit From a Roth IRA?

By Robert Pagliarini on August 17, 2016

The Roth IRA changed the whole retirement savings perspective. Since its introduction, it has become a fixture in many retirement planning strategies. The key argument for going Roth can be summed up in a sentence: Paying taxes on retirement contributions today is better than paying taxes on retirement savings tomorrow. Here is a closer look…

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Is Your Social Security Income Taxable?

By Robert Pagliarini on

Your Social Security income could be taxed. That may seem unfair, or unfathomable. Regardless of how you feel about it, it is a possibility. Seniors have had to contend with this possibility since 1984. Social Security benefits became taxable above certain yearly income thresholds in that year. Frustratingly for retirees, these income thresholds have been…

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Reviewing Your Estate Plan: What You Need To Know

By Robert Pagliarini on August 16, 2016

An estate plan has three objectives. The first goal is to preserve your accumulated wealth. The second goal is to express who will receive your assets after your death. The third goal is to state who will make medical and financial decisions on your behalf if you cannot. Over time, your feelings about these objectives…

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Do You Need Life Insurance?

By Robert Pagliarini on August 10, 2016

According to the insurance industry group LIMRA and the nonprofit Life Happens, 43% of Americans have no life insurance. Why don’t more young adults buy life insurance? Shopping for life insurance may seem confusing, boring, or unnecessary. Yet when you have kids, get married, buy a house or live a lifestyle funded by significant salaries,…

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Economic Update 08/08/16

By Robert Pagliarini on August 8, 2016

TWO STRAIGHT MONTHS OF IMPRESSIVE JOB GAINS The Department of Labor provided Wall Street and Main Street with some great news Friday. Last month, the population of Americans with full-time jobs rose by 255,000. About 70,000 of the workers hired in July found employment within the professional and business services sectors. In addition, the huge…

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Retirement Planning: Getting Out Of Our Own Way

By Robert Pagliarini on August 3, 2016

Picture an 18-wheeler, its 4,000-cubic-foot cargo trailer filled to capacity with stacks of $100 bills. The driver shuts and locks the trailer, closing the door on roughly $10 billion. Now imagine that truck driving off to a landfill, where that $10 billion will be dumped, shredded and buried, rendered useless. As the day goes on,…

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