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Managing the financial and psychological issues.

Executive Benefits That Set Us Apart

executive-servies-financial-advisorsThrough our partnership with one of the leading independent Southern California employee executive benefits providers, we specialize in designing and implementing corporate executive benefit plans with discounted individual insurance and customized benefit strategies. We believe that with our extensive industry experience, coupled with our elite enrollment capabilities, puts us in a class by ourselves.

Our Relationship Managers meet with eligible employees on a face-to-face basis, allowing us to more effectively evaluate their needs and guide them through the entire enrollment process.

Our process management system helps ensure we are able to provide an exceptional enrollment experience, detailed tracking along all phases of the process and individualized attention for our clients every step of way.


An Executive Suite of Solutions

We believe that traditional group plans commonly fall short of providing executives and key employees with proper amounts of Disability Income, Life and Long Term Care Insurance. Growth-oriented financial plans may benefit when these typically weak links are strengthened.

Our skilled professionals meet with your senior executives to help them make informed decisions, seize the best opportunities and then integrate the new benefit plans with their existing coverage.

The benefits extend to the employer as well. Unlike many traditional benefit plans, there will be minimal, if any, ongoing involvement required on the part of the company:

  • No payroll deductions — direct billing is the preferred method.
  • No involvement with billing — avoided through direct billing to the employees.
  • No administration of the insurance — everything is handled by us.

Our organization is equipped to complete the enrollment in a way that’s informative, successful and as problem-free as possible for all parties involved.


An insurance portfolio as dynamic as your executives

Group Variable Universal Life Insurance

Group Variable Universal Life Insurance (GVUL) combines the basic component of group term life insurance protection and the potential for account value accumulation in a separate account. It’s an economical way for you to provide a quality benefit that your employees will value and appreciate. The “one-size-fits-all” group term life plans on the market may not be the best approach for you and your employees. We can help build a program that is ideal for you both.

Disability Income Insurance

Disability Income Insurance is an often overlooked piece of an individual’s financial picture. We specialize in providing the most appropriate coverage for our clients. We assess any “gaps” which may exist in their disability coverage and recommend whether individual supplemental coverage might better meet the unique needs of any of your executives.

Long Term Care Insurance
Long Term Care Insurance has been one of the fastest growing segments in the insurance industry for the past five years.

We keep pace with the demand as well as the dynamics to match the coverage and carrier to each client’s particular situation. Through an employer group, rates are discounted by 5-10%. Applicants may also be eligible for spouse discounts up to an additional 30%. Discounted rates can also be extended to an employee’s parents, grandparents and parents’ in-law.

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