Financial Advisors for Lottery Winners

Financial Advisors for Lottery Winners

Is there really a need for financial advisors for lottery winners? Isn’t the financial advice for lottery winners the same as for non-lottery winners? The answer to both questions is a resounding ‘No.’ Lottery winners have unique financial, tax, and legal needs that are best served by working with an expert in these matters.

We are known nationally as financial advisors for lottery winners. Robert Pagliarini writes frequently on sudden wealth topics for CBS, HuffingtonPost, and Forbes and was recently featured on The Katie Couric Show providing financial advice for lottery winners.

Watch Financial Advisors for Lottery Winners on Katie Couric:

Finding financial advisors for lottery winners in your area can be challenging. While some of our clients have expressed an interest to work with someone local, most quickly realize that it is better to work with the best – even if they are not right next door – than to work with someone locally who doesn’t have the same level or depth of experience.

If you’ve won (congratulations!) and would like to work with a financial advisor who specializes in lottery winners, we can help. We can help you make sense of and make the most of your win. We can even help you find a list of financial advisors for lottery winners.

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